Far Reaches

Another place another time
The same as the same
No different, no new expectations
Look into the day and see what is always there
To strive for ones purpose
Everything should have a future
I can see none for what is different
Life reaches a pinnacle
A height of ultimate nothingness
Is there to be a difference in what is the same
There is no change that is real change
You can strive but not reach
I look beyond the infinite darkness
I see possibly the same emptiness
The same loneliness
The same existence of futile belonging
The far reaches of life itself
In search for a parallel existence
An alternate reality
A same time but different world
It’s out there, somewhere
I’ll look forever and wish I never grow old
May it never prevent me from finding it
In the far reaches of this world and to the next

Horizon Awaits

When do we find a heart
The perfect match to life itself
Two lives meant to be
Souls entwined forever to grow
The knowing of thoughts and kind
Beautiful embrace of whole
The grace and hope
Two paths crossing and matching
To continue on to an horizon
A sunrise of peace and softness
True clarity, the existence of all
Beings gathering and knowing their place
To wait no more
One second too long
Loneliness never gets easy
Alone in habit
Every day I die in more ways
I go on but will that road meet
The horizon awaits


The denial of finding someone
It seems to be an illusion
All of my efforts and searches
Life finds me hard and stained
Compromises for nothing
Movements and failings
Hardened hearts and misgivings
The feeling of grief outlives a want
A need for that longing
The perfect connection
Three levels of similarity
An almost impossible likeness
Without it life might be wasted
But waiting could be the same
Why must it be so difficult
Do I need to lower my eyes
Just try to seek something to build on
I already feel wasted
Life gets away from me
Is it gone, all gone?
It might be all too late.

The Test

Nothing is epic or worth remembering
Like the darkness of a star-less night
It engulfs and draws on my lack of will
Living is often torment of testing
How do I give up on the test?
Something that is out of the question
Such is the torment of life in itself
Live and suffer or die and suffer
The catch 22 of eternity
A game to a higher being
A soul-less moon lighting the way to nothing
In all my years has anything really changed?
Loss is life and life is loss
Still breathing but not for any real reason
Forced to carry on in despair of emptiness
Alone in the forever of vastness of nothing
One more day to waste in the forever test
A blink to someone, a chamber to me
As I lie motionless waiting for something
Something that may never come