Standing By You

Each day that comes isn’t easier than the last
I find it hard to not think of her
Every second she’s on my mind
Her smile, her hair, her caring
She hasn’t been the same
Since the disaster struck
Her eyes so inviting
They call out to me
To hold her, to comfort her
To just be there and calm her
I always want that
To show that I’m there
My love and care never faultering
My strength never weakening
I can’t lose that feeling
It’s not something I can push aside
Nothing can change the way I feel
I want to stand beside you
I want to be that person that never leaves
You can push away but I’ll never go
Always here waiting for you to come back
And in that, my love stays strong


A Road Worth Traveling

As we travel along the road, I gain an understanding of what it means to really care and love someone.  Through all my mistakes in the past before you, I thought I might have a better idea.  But our time together so far has really showed me how I need to think differently at times.  I try to be perfect but although I fail, I continue to learn.  Love is more than affection and caring.  I do try to put you first in everything but sometimes without realising I still expect too much for myself.  I realise that ultimately, having someone with a soul as beautiful as yours in my life is enough.

Your health and well-being has been a concern of mine for sometime.  It never makes me not want to love you.  It never makes me ever feel anything bad towards you.  On the contrary, it makes me want to care more for you.  It helps me need to care for you.  Happiness comes in all forms and to me, caring for someone without thought for myself is one form.  You’re never too draining or too frustrating.  Even if you do affect me too much and I do get frustrated, it never changes the way I feel for you.  The more I know you, the more I’m with you, the more I fall in love with you, no matter what.  Love has no boundaries for me.  I feel so true towards you and coming from being friends for some time, to getting close to you, just makes me realise how real my feelings are.

I hope when you push me away at times that I don’t lose you.  You bring brightness to my world.  You aren’t the sole source of my happiness in life but you are definitely a big part.  Why not?  It feels so right and hope and dreams make a life worth living.

I continually dream about you.  I dream of a life with you.  A wholesome life full of love and caring.  Thoughts of a family with you someday is definitely something new for me.  Of course it’s something I sometimes push, but going with the flow of what happiness and life brings us is something we have managed.  I hope it can continue into the future as I feel that this road we are on together is definitely something worth traveling.

My All-Being

To find understanding and to perceive what you feel
It was lost for a time but never for eternity
The triggers should have been realised
I became lost in the complacency of what we have
Lost in the togetherness and the being
There is no reasoning for this but I can only explore
The longing of love so true
Wanting more than what we can share
At this time of trouble and despair
I will never leave you, never give up
Though you push me away at times
I will always make it my focus
To understand and believe
To comfort from near or afar
I have found someone to share the ins and outs
The ups and downs of a life in doubt
To fully comprehend a life with or without
It’s the only way to truly know
So until that day comes I’ll keep fighting
To understand and grow in love
To care for you with all my heart
My soul, my mind, my all being

Fight for the Brightness

The brightness of my world has disappeared
A lonely thought in a dark world
A world where light can be hard to find
A happy ray of sunshine a rare gem
The existence of this brightness one can take for granted
But when it fades I have to fight to get it back
To understand why it was lost in the first place
The space, something you need to look deeper
All is not lost, given a patient mind
Fight for the true love and happiness
A world to share, a life to to hold
In the comfort of the imagined despair
One can never truly imagine the pain
The suffering that can eventuate the loss
Hold onto everything that has come to this point
And push for the continuance of growing love
Without of which you find it hard to find your way
Through a dark world amidst a lonely hope


Someone is there that makes you feel alive
A heart with special connection
When all seems right, it can still seem wrong
But patience and hope will remain strong

My caring will never faulter
My friendship will hold true
My patience and feelings
Supporting each day new

I’m here when you need me
I’m here if you cannot
Nothing will ever lose me
I respect the space, the lot

My concern and interest
Will always hold true
Even when things are clouded
I can’t give up even if you do

Whether you come back or don’t
I’ll always be around too
In hopes that you feel well again
And live a life that’s full and true


I found someone to share a life with
We found each other in a surprise
We knew each other for a time before
We grew close and shared so much

We had some ups, we had some downs
But above all things we worked them out
Our timing was the worst but it didn’t matter
Our hopes and dreams to each compared

But then you were stricken
Things went wrong, things went bad
Health isn’t always with us
I wanted to help but I could do no right

We rebuilt, we moved along
Things seemed okay as we continued
I didn’t realise how much I was needing
Again the timing was just not right

Then suddenly you broke down
You felt you had to push me away
The hurt unmeasurable, I just can’t explain
Nothing I can do but watch from a distance

All the space you need
Is something I try to understand
My hopes and dreams gone in a second
Not knowing how much I’ve lost

Will you ever come back to me
Have I lost my one true
I don’t know where to begin or where I end
The loss is incomparable, I don’t know

Please come back and share life again
Bring me your smile to enjoy
That loving dimple, that touch so soft
The warmth and caring I shall never forget


Nothing is epic or worth remembering
Like the darkness of a star-less night
It engulfs and draws on my lack of will
Living is often a torment of testing
How do I give up on the test
Something that is out of the question
Such is the torment of life itself
Live and suffer or die and suffer
The catch-22 of eternity
A game to a higher being
A soul-less moon lighting the way to nothing
In all my years has anything really changed
Loss is life and life is loss
Still breathing but not for anything in particular
Forced to carry on in despair of emptiness
Alone in the forever vastness of nothing
One more day to waste in the forever test
A blink to someone a chamber to me
As I lie motionless waiting for something
Something that may never come